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Jul. 30 2009 — 10:11 am | 12 views | 0 recommendations | 4 comments

911 Caller in Gates Case Left Out in the Cold

While the Professor and the Sergeant head to the White House today to make nice-nice over a beer the woman who’s phone call started the whole Gates-gate racial profiling controversy remains on her own.

Hey! Where's Her Beer?

Lucia Whalen finally stepped forward yesterday to explain what prompted her to make the 911 call about a possible home break-in – and WHAT SHE ACTUALLY SAID to the emergency operator.   Whalen says she was pained to be wrongly labeled as a racist.  So how come SHE wasn’t invited to the healing-ceremony at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue?

With a trembling voice, Lucia Whalen, 40, said she was out walking to lunch in Gates’ Cambridge neighborhood near Harvard University when an elderly woman without a cell phone stopped her because she was concerned there was a possible burglary in progress.

Whalen was vilified as a racist on blogs after a police report said she described the possible burglars as “two black males with backpacks.”   Tapes of the call released earlier this week revealed that Whalen did not mention race. When pressed by a dispatcher on whether the men were white, black or Hispanic, she said one of them might have been Hispanic.   “Now that the tapes are out, I hope people can see that I tried to be careful and honest with my words,” Whalen said. “It never occurred to me that the way I reported what I saw be analyzed by an entire nation.”   via 911 caller in Gates case hurt by racist label.

Wonder what Whalen’s situation will do to others who pick up the phone to call 911.  Maybe they won’t even bother to get involved now.

Jul. 27 2009 — 5:00 am | 17 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

Forensics Don’t Lie

Brains Forensic Truths

The Brain's Forensic Truths

Imagine the hushed, sterile atmosphere of an autopsy room. A body arrives and a team of forensic experts quietly gets to work to try to determine cause of death. Scientific evidence is gathered to determine whether a crime was committed to cause the death, whether it occurred from natural, unavoidable causes or if it was death by suicide.

In many cases, such as that of retired NFL quarterback Steve McNair, the cause of death is pretty obvious. McNair, was found sprawled on his condo’s couch, shot twice in the head and twice in the chest. Nearby was the dead body of his 20 year old mistress, a gun underneath her. It was quickly ruled a murder/suicide.

But other deaths are not so clear cut. Take the case of 50 year old infomercial scream-seller Billy Mays. continue »

Jul. 24 2009 — 8:27 pm | 1 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

Tony Alamo Goes Down – Guilty on All 10 Counts

Remember the Alamo - He Deserves Life In Prison

Remember the Alamo - He Deserves Life In Prison

He terrorized countless people including dozens and dozens of children born into his sick cult. Today he got the punishment he deserved and had long escaped.   Phony baloney evangelist Tony Alamo was found guilty on all 10 federal counts involving repeated sexual misconduct with underage girls.  Oh, let’s call a spade a spade – he raped his followers daughters and he had the male children brutally beaten for the smallest transgressions.

I’ve been writing about this guy for a long time.  Now, the 74 year old Alamo faces the rest of his life in prison.  And I say hooray!

The verdict was something of a shock to people waiting in the courtroom according to a local TV reporter.

He says some people gasped in reaction to the news, and that some of the victims in the case who were seated in the back of the courtroom began crying when the verdict was read.   Each count carries a 10 to 30 year jail term, which could add up to a 175-year sentence for Alamo.  Alamo will be sentenced within 6 to 8 weeks.   via Alamo Verdict: Guilty on All 10 Counts.

Jul. 21 2009 — 9:54 am | 3 views | 0 recommendations | 7 comments

Hate is the Name of the Game in Crime

Are they worse than other crimes?

Are they worse than other crimes?

Let’s talk about hate. Hate crimes to be specific.

By definition these are crimes perpetrated by someone who targets another based on their race, color, religion or national origin. Congress now seeks to expand the definition of hate crimes to those who attack based on a victim’s sexual orientation or mental or physical disability. The goal is to add extra punishment for those convicted under hate crimes statutes.  But are they fair?

continue »

Jul. 19 2009 — 2:35 pm | 22 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

UK Paper: Jacko’s Doc Says He’s the Dad, Wants Custody

As I’ve already reported in this space the mystery sperm donor for Michael Jackson’s two oldest children, 12 year old Prince Michael and 11 year old Paris Katherine, is Jackson’s dermatologist for the last 25 years.

Now, the London Daily Mirror reports the beleaguered Dr. Arnold Klein, already in the cross hairs of a joint DEA/LAPD investigation into whether he illegally wrote prescription drug orders for Jackson, plans to jump into the official custody battle for the kids.   According to this report Klein has told friends he wants to take a DNA test and prove once and for all he is the Baby Daddy.

No word on whether Dr. Klein would also want to take custody of 7 year old Blanket whose parentage is still a mystery.  In nearly every instance  judges like to keep siblings together.  My question is why Klein’s sudden interest in playing Daddy?  Does he think law enforcement might ease up on him if he’s suddenly responsible for children?


Christmas Time With "Uncle Arnie", Who Now Says He's Daddy

Now the 64-year-old millionaire has told friends that he IS the biological father, he wants to bring them up and he is consulting lawyers about his options.

A custody application filed with Los Angeles Superior Court in which Klein formally acknowledges he is Prince Michael and Paris’s father would be one of the most sensational developments yet in the entire Michael Jackson saga.

Klein’s intervention threatens to throw into total chaos the custody deal that was pending between the children’s biological mother, Debbie Rowe, and Jackson’s mother Katherine.  A well-placed source, who is close friends with one of Klein’s inner circle, told the Sunday Mirror yesterday: “Arnie is planning to fight for custody of Prince Michael and Paris.  “He says he can prove he is their father with Debbie.”  via Michael Jackson’s doctor to stake custody claim on his kids saying: ‘I’m the daddy’ – mirror.co.uk.

Boy, this could really get ugly.  And the kids are the real victims

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