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Jun. 25 2009 - 9:41 am | 153 views | 0 recommendations | 8 comments

iPorn for iPhone

personalisierte iphone-icons (bzw. ipod touch)

Image by velorowdy via Flickr

Do you love your iPhone? Do you also love soft-core porn images of scantily clad or naked women? Well, if so, you’re in luck. The “Hottest Girls” application for iPhone has arrived. We’re pretty much talking naked breasts, lingerie, and bathing suits here. And you have to be over 17 to get the app, which is pretty odd considering that by surfing the web on your iPhone you can download a ton of free hardcore pictures and videos (not to mention all that free Sandwich Porn) already.

Consider “Hottest Girls” sort of like a Playboy on your iPhone. Will people actually pay the $1.99 fee to have the app icon on their phones and risk getting busted by their nosy parents or friends? Well, the advertising copy for “Hottest Girls” makes a compelling case:

Want to have over a thousand photos of the Earth’s hottest girls in your pants? Then, this is the app for you.


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    “Do you love your iPhone?”

    No I use a BlackBerry.

    “Do you also love soft-core porn images of scantily clad or naked women?”



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    B, Can the “Hottest Guys” app be so far behind? Good luck getting it on CrackBerry.

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    hey david…i think you should have been aborted in the 3rd tri mester…then you wouldnt have been able to be upset by class acts like coulter and orielly…i’d also be willing to bet that you believe in the absolute laughable absurdity and fraud of puny insignificant mankind being in any way responsible for global warming…every desert was oncw a tropical forest, every forest was once a wasteland, the earth has changed its climate hundreds of times over millions of years with no help or influence from almighty (and arrogant) mankind..if you self absorbed, self serving, self righteous proponents of GW would step outside of your little spheres of self importance and look around you would notice that the earth is covered by two thirds water, of the remaining land mass, man only inhabits about 35% of that, and a full one half of those people have never made or recieved a simple telephone call in their entire lifetimes (i doubt they’re adding much to the mythical problem). the earth barely knows were here, if at all. the universe with its 100,000 stars in our galaxy alone, and with its 100,000 galaxies has no idea were here, nor could it or the earth care less, they’re both going to do waht it is they do with no regard to mankind…THE CLIMATE SOMETIMES CHANGERS ON A SPINNING ROCK WITH A SEARING BOILING MOLTEN LAVA CORE REVOLVING AROUND A 2000 DGREE PLUS STAR!!!!…go figure huh?…who knew??…mankind is just lucky to be here and nothing more (and luck is a very real thing)…so enjoy the ride…puny,less than microscopic, insignificant man is simply not capable of (use deep dramatic scary echo voice here) “CHANGING THE CLIMATE OF THE EARTH” with his little putt putt cars and some chimineys in the itsy bitsy, teenie weenie, non measurable in earths time, 100 years of industrialization and his deadly hairspray…how absolutely absurd..as are the people with no simple common sense who believe or even consider such things even as a remote possibilty…your just not that relevant to the timeless perfection that is…mother earth…if we ever annoy her…she’ll just get rid of us just like she and or the universe did to the dinosaurs…and there is not anything man or the dinosaurs can do about it…so lighten up and enjoy the day..the universe may decide its your last…mankind is nothing more than an itchy little parasite on the eaths crust (if even that)…deal with being insignificant and just chill…lol…no pun intended.

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    First, David, great find. Brian, you kill me sometimes. Funny stuff guys.

    Now for the main course. Martyology. I really hope you are trolling dude, for your sake, cause you just got me good. But I err in the side of argument.

    I’ll skip the abortion “joke”, and the mindless endorsement of conservative reactionaries, and get to the real meat of that comment. Most of what you have to say is true (mostly), but not always relevant. This obsession with the history of climate change is beside the point. What matters is that the climate is changing now. I agree that climate change is part of a cycle, but what I disagree with is the idea that there is no correlation between human activity and the exponential increase in temperature and greenhouse gases. Preposterous. There is no history of such quick increases in carbon, and other environmental factors like depletion of resources, and population growth. The population and area of the earth numbers are completely out of proper context. We do inhabit about 35% of the earth’s land area, but much, much more of its usable area. We can count out the Sahara Desert, the Himalayan Mountains, and similarly harsh areas. We are puny and insignificant, except to each other. We are all valuable beyond measure, at least to me, and we should try our hardest to minimize the damage that will be coming, thanks to climate change. We were a little parasite, at least for a while, but then like just one flea, we reproduced, and now there are billions of people on this planet, all draining something out of it. So, thanks, but I won’t “just chill”.

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    I vote for martyology’s short essay as the comment of the year. Those long run-on sentences are very David Foster Wallace-esque (without the clever literary devices or insight or depth).

    But in other news, the iPhone app with all the softcore porn has been pulled from the App Store by Apple. Sad day for iPhone users, but fret not! The makers of the “Hottest Girl” application say they’re working hard to get things back in order. For now, I’ll be sticking with my BlackBerry like Brian.

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