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May. 11 2009 - 10:35 am | 22 views | 1 recommendation | 23 comments

Is Golf a Republican Sport?

A golf ball directly before the hole

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…All of this is not to say that Democrats don’t play golf, or that even a majority of those who do are racist. But make no mistake, as with all sports, there is no shortage of subtext in golf. And it was on display again this week when Irish-born anchor David Feherty made what he now claims was another ill-advised attempt at humor.

My full examination on the evolution (or lack thereof) of golf can be read at Politics Daily.


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    Oh Danny, this isn’t Russia:

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    I was going to write that no doubt there’s a heavy conserative kind of leanings toward links. (Are women allowed at Augusta yet?)

    But then I read Feherty’s comments (twice).

    I would disagree with him. A good number of soldiers probably wouldn’t have a clue who Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid was. So I think Osama would get the bullets. Then again, we haven’t had much luck finding Osama, so perhaps we don’t quite know what he looks like either…

    For the record, I both support the troops and golf poorly on a regular basis.

    I digress

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    I golf about once every 2 or 3 years, and take pride in the fact that I am moderately lousy at the sport.

    Feherty’s comment was pure Limbaugh, pure politics. I agree, it had very little to do with reality.

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    Ok, what’s more boring, playing, watching, reading about, or writing about golf?


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    Judging from your comment, definitely reading.

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    Wow, what a cast of characters and a mess of “missteps.” Fuzzy Zoeller and Kelly Tilghman seem mighty racist, in my opinion. I feel a little sympathy for Golf Week’s editor Dave Seanor’s cover as I got the feeling at that time it was making a pretty brave statement, but it cost him his job.

    Then there’s seedy Jack Abramoff’s using of the course to work the Republicans.

    I wish Tom Watson and the Ryder Cup Team would have gone through with their petty threat to Bill Clinton in front of Sport’s Illustrated. It was pretty embarrassing anyhow.

    That leaves the recent actions of David Feherty and I haven’t heard any fallout about his remarks yet.

    Gee, if only the average Democrat or person for that matter had a better sense of humor…we would see how harmless all this was.

    I guess my point is each made the Republicans look bad and some were held accountable and I hope David Feherty is as well. I didn’t see one Democrat pulling any of that in reverse and if they felt that way, at least they were smart enough to keep their mouths shut. I don’t think all Democrats that play golf are perfect.

    Golf is supposed to be kind of a friendly game as far as sports go. But, those you singled out, weren’t trying to be funny or anything else they claimed. Fuzzy Zoeller actually had people apologizing for the drunk’s remarks themselves. Tiger Woods was a good sport and accepted Zoeller’s apology, but will Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid? In fact, that riles me more than the remarks about Tiger Woods as there is a history of those kind of remarks around sports in general. Who can forget Imus? Golf is an ugly game for some Republicans it seems.


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    Yes, this is a rogues gallery. Of course, there are lots of very nice people who play golf, too. And there are a whole lot of rotten Democrats out there who may or may not play golf.

    I guess I was looking into what felt like a string of events (and there are more) that seemed to paint a picture.

    And, by the way, you have an excellent golf name, should you ever decide to turn pro.

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      Thanks. Although it wouldn’t have been golf. I’m the last of seven boys. Ricky, my oldest brother died of a congenital lung problem and never left the hospital, but I can’t say I am the last of six boys because it isn’t fair to my Mom or true for that matter. Anyhow, all of my older brothers were into wrestling and I started in the first grade. In Junior High I ruined both of my knees wrestling. Back then they just checked for water on the knee and that was it. I suppose because Sport’s Medicine hadn’t come very far.

      I loved tennis. It started with paddle ball and worked to tennis and my single biggest regret is that I didn’t switch schools at the beginning of Junior High. We lived right on the line for three different school districts and two of them were large and had tennis programs and ours did not.

      It was a passion for me and had I switched, I am sure I could have gotten somewhere with it.

      I can hear that score line in the final against John McEnroe best of five sets at the U.S. Open as I pulled off a Golden Grand Slam. (All four Majors…Australian Open, Roland Garros (French Open), Wimbledon and the U.S. Open with an Olympic Gold in Seoul in Korea in the same year.

      Game, Set, Match…Sandy Clark 6-4, 6-3, 6-1


      In response to another comment. See in context »
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    “Golf is a good walk spoiled,” to quote Mark Twain, (though it is often attributed to Winston Churchill). Just about sums it up for me.

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    And all that fertilizer is murder on the water table, too.

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    The vast majority of soldiers would find Feherty’s joke funny. Does that make it appropriate? Most barracks humor isn’t; and Feherty wasn’t telling the joke in the barracks but in a public forum. Nonetheless, humorists have to take risks and they shouldn’t be punished for it. Maybe they should apologize if they hurt someone’s feelings, but they shouldn’t be fired. They are humorists; not politicians, not teachers, not CEOs.

    Feherty does a whole lot to support the troops and has spent much time with them; and some of their dark humor has rubbed off. No big deal.

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    I appreciate your comment. I disagree with your characterization, considering that 44% of the military voted for Obama. Also, is Feherty a “humorist”? He made a joke and apologized, and that kind of stuff happens all the time. I never said he should be fired. Still, he took the time to write that comment in an article. It wasn’t fired off the cuff.

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    Yes, golf is an easy target, but let’s not forget that it is an incredible game, perhaps still the hardest of any to master. And then there are some pretty interesting weekend duffers out there: Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Bob Dylan, Neil Young… Not everyone who plays the game is Judge Smails.

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    My biggest beef with golf is that, at least in the suburban community in which I live, it serves partly as a way for many fathers to avoid taking care of the kids on weekends. It takes hours and hours to finish one darn game.

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    True enough. And that would be quite a foursome to see walking up the fairway, no?

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    Yes, golf does take a whole lot of time to play.

    My biggest beef with golf? Visors.

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