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May. 28 2010 - 1:01 pm | 102 views | 0 recommendations | 2 comments

‘Teach the Controversy’ Comes to the Science of Global Warming

Using exactly the same deceptive “teach the controversy” tactics as creationists have for years, a Republican pressure group with the Orwellian name “Balanced Education for Everyone” is trying to force schools not to teach global warming in science classes: Push to teach ‘other side’ of global warming heats up in Colorado’s Mesa County.

GRAND JUNCTION — A national group that thinks global warming is “junk science” and that teaching it is unnecessarily scaring schoolchildren brought its first petition effort for “balanced education” to Mesa County Schools on Tuesday night.

Rose Pugliese, an unsuccessful candidate for a District 51 school board seat in the last election, presented a petition with 700 signatures to the board asking that science teachers stop giving lessons on global warming. Pugliese, a 32-year-old Grand Junction attorney and activist in Tea Party and conservative Republican groups, also presented a petition with 600 signatures demanding Mesa County schools keep political views out of classrooms.

Pugliese’s efforts have made her the poster girl for the group Balanced Education for Everyone and have pinpointed Mesa County as a national test case for keeping the teaching of humans’ influence on global warming out of science classes.

“It (global warming) is not a proven scientific theory. There is not evidence to support it,” Pugliese told the board, generating applause from about 40 Tea Party and other conservative group members who filled the room for the first school board petition battle over this issue in the country.

The climate-change deniers scoffed and shook their heads when a scientist and a college professor spoke up to say that global warming is a well-supported scientific fact. “This is not just some liberal theory,” said Richard Alward, an ecologist with a Ph.D. Tamera Minnick, an associate professor in environmental science at Mesa State College, had the audience tittering when she told the board that global warming is as certain a scientific theory as those describing relativity, gravity and evolution.

Pugliese and three other people who spoke against global-warming education said that if the subject is going to be taught, the “other side” should be presented so that students aren’t subjected to a frightening untruth.

This might as well be Exhibit 47b on why I refuse to be associated with the GOP or the right wing. They’re ignorant and proud of it, and they want to force their anti-science ignorance on everyone else.


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    But science thrives on controversy, and the science of climate should be no different. You seem to presume the warm-alarmists are correct. Yet there are cold-alarmists, and others who are not convinced of any cause for alarm. This last group have public in their tens of thousands with petitions, open letters, testimony and suchlike. The Royal Society of London, long a blatant promoter of warm-alarmism, is even now under pressure from some members to temper its approach, and hopefully will produce a more temperature position-statement later this year. So, my sympathy is with those concerned about propaganda being pushed on to children, especially when elements of that propaganda seem designed to frighten them. That is unforgivable. It is shameful when used on adults (vide the last 30 years of it!). Used on children, unforgivable. May the concerned parents of Colorado win the day!

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    Some typos from my spluttering haste to comment:

    4th sentence, insert ‘gone’ before ‘public’

    5th sentence, replace ‘temperature’ with ‘temperate’

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