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Jul. 30 2010 — 2:54 pm | 24 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

Farewell True/Slant, but not Mr. Media Radio!

If you’ve been enjoying Mr. Media Radio posts and audio here on True/Slant, don’t despair! The show continues on over at http://www.mrmedia.com with more than 600 archived celebrity and media newsmaker interviews! Subscribe to the RSS feed and you’ll never miss a show!

And in addition to audio, we’re now doing two live video shows every Thursday night at 7 p.m. ET on the CBS Digital Radio ChatAboutIt.com network!

You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes or the Stitcher mobile app for iPhone, Palm Pre, Android and Blackberry.

So fare thee well and thanks for the memories, T/S!

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Apr. 25 2010 — 12:41 pm | 71 views | 1 recommendations | 1 comment

Tanna Frederick takes emoting to a new level in Jaglom dramas

If you’re a woman in search of someone else’s emotional train wreck to make you feel better about your own life, film director Henry Jaglom has got a movie or two for you.

Maybe it’s his latest, Irene in Time, about a young singer with severe daddy abandonment issues. Or maybe you’d like his previous film, 2008’s Hollywood Dreams, about a would-be actress who oozes charisma but gets so nervous in every social situation she makes you nervous.

Tanna Frederick is the common thread between these films. She’s the star of both, a big presence on screen. It could be that huge mane of cascading red hair, but I think it’s actually the emotions that pour out from her.

The story of how she got to this point is pure Hollywood and I hope to entice her to tell it, but suffice to say that Jaglom already has plans for her to star in a sequel to Hollywood Dreams. And she’s currently appearing live in a Jaglom play, “Just 45 Minutes from Broadway,” at the Edgemar Center for the Arts in Santa Monica, California. You can order tickets online at Edgemar.org.

Tanna Frederick Website

Hear it now!TANNA FREDERICK AUDIO EXCERPT: “With Henry Jaglom, people either love his films or they hate his films. There isn’t really an in between. Henry demands the actors take all of their subtext of what’s going on and use it as their through-line, their dialogue. You walk away after watching Henry’s films feeling better about yourself—’So I guess I’m not the only one who can be neurotic at times.’ What drives him is making people not feel alone. It’s human emotion.”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with TANNA FREDERICK, star of IRENE IN TIME and HOLLYWOOD DREAMS, by clicking HERE!

Apr. 22 2010 — 3:34 pm | 165 views | 0 recommendations | 4 comments

Roger Lowenstein writes of ‘The End of Wall Street’; but first, a word from Barack Obama

The sky is falling!

The sky is falling!

What’s that? The sky has already fallen?

Damn, I hate being late to the party.

Apparently, it’s old news that the world financial system was on the edge of collapse over the course of recent years and those fat, rich bastards on Wall Street—and President Obama’s right, it is fun to hate on them—nearly sent us all into oblivion.

But what you may not know is who and what brought this mess upon us. That’s where financial journalist Roger Lowenstein fits in.

Lowenstein’s new book, The End of Wall Street—which entered the New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists at #1 upon publication—is a perfectly timed dissection of what happened and who’s to blame. Lowenstein even starts the book with a handy roster of the play’s characters so it’s easy to keep track of the villains.

And his timing on this show is perfect, since less than an hour ago, Obama was at Cooper Union in Manhattan, addressing the titans of Wall Street on this very subject.

There aren’t a lot of good guys in this multi-act tragedy.

And Lowenstein’s timing on this show is perfect, since less than an hour ago, Obama was at Cooper Union in Manhattan, addressing the titans of Wall Street on this very subject.

Lowenstein is joining us on Mr. Media today to promote his appearance on Tuesday, April 27 at Forum Truth in Sarasota, Florida. His talk starts at 7:30 p.m. and the cost of admission includes a copy of his book, The End of Wall Street. You can make reservations online @ www.forumtruth.org or by phone, 941-349-8350.

Hear it now!ROGER LOWENSTEIN AUDIO EXCERPT: “Wall Street messed up big time. I think we want a president to say this is a real risk; these financial instruments got out of hand. You can keep playing with them but we’re going to set some rules, just as we set rules on the highway. You might want to drive 90, but for the benefit of all we’re going to say 65 is the speed limit. Obama is trying to set down some speed limits in the financial markets.”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with financial journalist ROGER LOWENSTEIN, author of THE END OF WALL STREET, by clicking HERE!

Apr. 21 2010 — 2:34 pm | 121 views | 0 recommendations | 0 comments

David Gregory don’t need no stinkin’ fact-checking! (Maybe he’s holding out for Natalie Morales?)

The Colbert ReportImage via Wikipedia


If you’re going to get called on the carpet for something you did right, might as well be by Stephen Colbert on Comedy Central’s whirlwind of truthiness, “The Colbert Report.”

That’s what happened about a week ago to Bill Adair, Pulitzer Prize winning editor of Politifact.com, the online fact-checking operation spawned by the St. Petersburg Times.

In case you missed this story, Jake Tapper, interim host of ABC’s Sunday morning political chat fest, “This Week,” announced his guests’ most questionable claims would be subject to fact checking by Politifact.

Meanwhile, over at NBC’s venerable “Meet The Press,” host David Gregory dismissed the need for fact-checking his guests. I understand his point; does anyone fact-check the wrestlers’ claims on “WWE Smackdown”? Of course not. It’s pure, scripted entertainment. Not something anyone takes seriously.

Colbert even invited Tapper and Adair on his show to discuss their work.

Politifact uses a series of truth-o-meters to declare politicians’ boldest statements either true, untrue, half-true or “pants-on-fire” lies. It won a Pulitzer Prize for its work in 2009, which was the first time Bill Adair was on Mr. Media. Now that he’s been discovered by Colbert, he’s a tougher guest to book, but we’re always delighted to have him.

Hear it now!BILL ADAIR AUDIO EXCERPT: “The result is some good fact checking that wouldn’t have been done before.”

You can LISTEN to this interview with BILL ADAIR, editor of POLITIFACT.com, by clicking HERE!

Apr. 14 2010 — 11:57 am | 87 views | 0 recommendations | 8 comments

Ka-Baby-Boom! Author says handle retirement planning with care

The post-war baby boom is becoming something else, more than half a century later.

But is that something else a bust?

In his new book, Baby Boomer Bust?—and the title ends in a question mark—Roger Chiocchi (pronounced KEY-o-key) says it may be a problem that the average baby boomer nearing retirement only has $68,000 in a 401k. And no, if you’re looking at the totality of retirement, and not just the first year, that is not much.

Tomorrow, April 15, 2010, I’ll be attending the second day of the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference, which will be held in Clearwater at Ruth Eckerd Hall. (By the way, the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference is open to the public. You can register online at www.floridaboomerlifestyle.com) It is designed to help us understand how the recession has impacted boomers. I expect to learn what they’re spending money on right now, which messages resonate most with them, and what they want from businesses today.

Apparently “deeper senior discounts at Denny’s” is not the correct answer.

Joining me today, in advance of his appearance as a guest speaker at the Florida Boomer Lifestyle Conference, is Roger Chiocchi, a principal in the Connecticut-based marketing firm Brandloft and author of Baby Boomer Bust?, which will be in great bookstores everywhere this June. You can also pre-order it on MrMedia.com.

Read Baby Boomer Bust? Chapter One for free HERE.

Roger Chiocchi on Twitter

Hear it now!ROGER CHIOCCHI AUDIO EXCERPT: “What we find is that people in the lower and middle end of the spectrum are much more resilient than those at the high end. They’re used to living hand-to-mouth, so it becomes not a big deal to them when things get even tougher.”

Hear it now!

Hear it now!

You can LISTEN to this interview with ROGER CHIOCCHI, author of BABY BOOMER BUST?, by clicking HERE!

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