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Apr. 8 2010 - 9:20 am | 1,102 views | 0 recommendations | 16 comments

BREAKING: I am a ‘Jew Hater,’ Apparently

According to several opponents of mine, I am an anti-Semite and racist. By and by I will give them their due credit for revealing this to the public at large, but first, let us look into a possible explanation for the origins of my racism.

We have been hearing a great deal over the past couple of years from certain conservatives who complain that they are accused of racism simply for objecting to Obama’s policies and personage. In some instances, these complaints are indeed merited insomuch as that there exist certain liberals who will stupidly suggest that most opposition to Obama and his doings is the result of racism, whereas obviously the great majority of Obama’s opponents would oppose any Democratic president and particularly one who goes about trying to socialize our already socialized health care system – Bill Clinton, one may recall, was not particularly well-liked among many of the sort of people who are not particularly fond of Obama today.

So, those anti-conservatives who claim Obama opposition stems mostly from racism are fools who cannot back up their assertions with evidence. But the great energy expended by certain conservatives in defending themselves from this charge is entirely misplaced if one takes into account that almost no pundit of significance, liberal or otherwise, has made the charge to begin with; rather, they will often  note that some conservatives do oppose Obama on racial grounds, which is a fact born out by exit polling, recorded scenes of unambiguously racist behavior, and other demonstrable evidence. On the other hand, I know of quite a few major pundits of a conservative persuasion, particularly bloggers, who are forever claiming that some large and prominent contingent of their opponent are accusing them of racism. This is a convenient strawman ploy, all the more so because it allows them to dismiss actual instances of racism on the part of one of their own by painting their opponents as having cried wolf so many times as to not be believed; it does not matter if the accuser is himself not in the habit of making such accusations, or if the person being accused has actually done a great number of things that, done by an anti-conservative, would quite correctly prompt charges of racism by these very same conservatives who are always complaining about the irrationality inherent to charges of racism.

Last year, I came across evidence that longtime Washington Times editor/writer and increasingly popular blogger Robert Stacy McCain is and long has been a white nationalist – in particular, that he is in favor of taking action to increase the percentage of the U.S. that is white. I first noticed that he had laughed off and otherwise dismissed reports that teen pregnancy rates are higher among highly religious teens than among those of lesser religious fervor; he also criticized the media for playing up the perils of teen pregnancy, weirdly noting that Henry Tudor was the result of a teen pregnancy by Margaret Beaufort while ignoring that most teenage girls do not have such resources as one receives by virtue of being among the ruling family that controls a large portion of the British Isles. Then, I found that McCain had taken the exact different tact some months previously when The New York Times ran an article on teen pregnancy without sufficiently highlighting the “demographics” – ethnicities, actually – of the teens in question; according to McCain, the NYT should have emphasized that blacks and Hispanics produce a disproportionate percentage of these babies. For some reason, it is only minority babies with which we ought to be concerned, according to McCain.

I was promptly attacked for having thus put two and two together. One conservative blogger and author with whom I am friendly despite our occasional sparring, Dan Collins, dismissed the allegations and concluded that “Barrett … imagines he’s going to traipse across the internet fighting evildoers, almost all of whom happen to be conservative,” with this being “a naive form of partisanship,” although he did admit that McCain’s membership in the separatist organization League of the South was “a poor choice on his part.” At some point afterwards, though, he was alerted by a longtime liberal opponent to another “poor choice” on McCain’s part: his choice to write an article for the white nationalist and “racialist” publication American Renaissance and to do so under a pen name taken from a Confederate chaplain who is known for two things, those being his biography of Stonewall Jackson and his theological defense of African slavery. Hilariously enough, McCain’s article entirely confirmed my already demonstrable accusation that he is in favor of making America the white nation it never really was – therein, he suggests that teen pregnancy reduction programs be targeted only at blacks and Hispanics, who of course have never managed to produce a Henry Tudor. Although Collins did not see fit to update his post with this new evidence proving that I was correct and thus presumably not simply playing make-believe hero on the internet, he was nice enough to alert me to the McCain-American Renaissance connection in private (his readers, presumably, would not have been able to handle learning that he had erred in attacking me), and it was not long afterwards that I made the acquaintance of Little Green Footballs founder Charles Johnson, who himself had evoked the wrath of the entire conservative blogosphere by digging up a great deal of additional evidence that McCain is exactly what he appears to be. I myself made another, quite interesting discovery regarding McCain’s extracurricular “racialist” activities as well as his unusual brand of journalistic ethics; this and other fun facts on the fellow – who co-wrote a book with Sarah Palin’s ghostwriter, contributes to American Spectator, and who has been defended by a very great number of the conservative blogosphere’s most respected figures – will appear in my upcoming second book, Hot, Fat, and Clouded. Oh, it shall be ever so much fun, shant it?

Which brings us to the present day, or something approaching it, as well as the truth about my racial and social views, or something approximating them on acid. The other day, a conservative blogger with ties to some of more prominent “warbloggers” mocked me for an error I had made regarding the Wikileaks video – one which I had already corrected in a prominently-placed update – and emphasizes the point by way of a photo of a ship stuck on a barrier with the word “FAIL” printed across it in black. Incidentally, I don’t know who taught these people to use memes from 2004, but I hope that person dies. I bet he does, too, someday!

Anywho, this fellow makes several errors of his own with regards to the Wikileaks video that I will deal with in another post (and which he will never, ever correct); here, I will merely take issue with the person’s choice of terminology, itself cleverly deployed in such a manner as to leave readers with a proto-subconscious hint to the effect that I am less than  appreciative of the Jewish people. For instance, the headline reads, “Atheist Jew Hater from True/Slant Inserts Head into Blender…” and then continues in that vein into the first paragraph, in which my head is, of course, cut up or something. Set to the present tense, it seemed that I “push’s [sic] the button marked ‘high’ and cannot understand why the results are not what he expected.” Well, that’s pretty stupid of me to have pushed “high” when I wanted “rinse.” Anywho, the fellow’s evidence that I hate Jews is that I gave an interview to antiwar.com the other day, which is run by Justin Raimondo. Raimondo, according to this blog fellow, hates Jews. Meanwhile, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is connected to me somehow although I’m not clear on the details. But the real victim here, it seems, is Charles Johnson, who left the totally not-at-all-possessed-of-any-racists conservative blogosphere and now associates with people like me. Big mistake, says our friend:

Nice going Charles Johnson, you are now just one degree of separation away from Justin Raimondo and Alex Jones and just two degrees of seperation away from the Jew hating Cockburn family (the Wikileaks founder is quite proud of his counterpunchdotcom interview). How’s it feel to be hoisted by your own petard?

Lol, petard. Anyway, allow me to retort.

1. Charles Johnson is indeed only two degrees of separation from Justin Raimondo through me – because I know Justin Raimondo from that time when he publicly attacked me for being too pro-Israel, as well as for associating with Charles Johnson himself, who was named a “Righteous Gentile” by Israel National News. So, I sometimes collaborate with Charles Johnson, the Righteous Gentile, and have been attacked by Justin Raimondo for being insufficiently anti-Israel. Therefore, I am an anti-semite. HURRRRR HURRRRRR I’M A SOCIAL CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER HURRRRR HURRR.

2. Take a look at my first book. Take a quick gander at the cover. Hey, who’s that up there at the top, comparing me to Mark Twain and Thomas Paine? Why, it’s Alan Dershowitz, one of the nation’s most prominent defenders of Israel! And he likes me – which is to say that he’s less than one degree of separation from me and thus a Jew Hater just like I am by virtue of being less than one degree of separation away from Raimondo! WE’RE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS HERE, PEOPLE!

3. Speaking of degrees of separation from Justin Raimondo, Raimondo writes for Taki’s Magazine. You know who else writes for Taki’s Magazine? Robert Stacy McCain!

4. It’s probably worth pointing out – and indeed, I’m going to point this out every time someone accuses me of racism, which is happening quite a bit lately – that the only clear racist here is Robert Stacy McCain, and that pretty much every conservative blogger of note is connected to him, which is why none of them will debate me on the subject of his racism. Donald Douglas of the war blog American Power, for instance, would not answer a couple of written questions I sent him on the subject, opting instead to pass them off to another blogger with whom he’s associated – and who actually admitted to having subscribed to that white nationalist publication American Renaissance himself! Meanwhile, the failure of all but a couple of McCain’s longtime allies to even address specific points of evidence

5.  End all lists on a number divisible by five.

Sadly, this is not even the stupidest accusation of racism that has been leveled at me in the past month. The stupidest one, incidentally, also happens to be the most endemic of the absolute absence of intellectual honesty and basic logic among social conservatives. Tomorrow, I will discuss that particular incident – and I will have an announcement for some of my more unethical adversaries.


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    Your support of Charles Johnson shows that you’re likely a good guy and a good friend, but not an honest writer. Johnson did not incur the wrath of the conservative blogosphere for digging up anything on McCain, rather for his pathological quest to root out evil “creationists” everywhere he can to the point of equating fundamental Christians to radical Islam.

    And if you don’t understand the satiric attack on Johnson for being 1 or 2 degrees separated from unseemly characters, then you’re not paying attention to Johnson and his bizarre ability to connect dots that only he can see…kind of like that Russell Crowe character from “A Beautiful Mind”.

    • collapse expand

      Johnson incurred the wrath of the conservative blogosphere on a couple of different occasions. On one of these occasions, it was for his efforts in accusing McCain of white supremacy. This is not in dispute by any party concerned; conservative bloggers were indeed attacking him en masse for his going after McCain.

      Also, I see you put the term “creationists” in scare quotes. Do you have a good reason for that?

      In response to another comment. See in context »
      • collapse expand

        The scare quotes were only an attempt to parody Charles, who has spent much of the last 18 months on a personal crusade to root out the creationist heretics from our society.

        But it is hard to parody someone who has such a lack of self-awareness. Charles doesn’t even realize he’s being goofed on by the writer who connected him to low-lifes using the same methods that he has used, and continues to use, on his now totally unimportant website.

        Everybody needs a purpose in life, but if you ranked the problems in our world today to be fought from a bully-pulpit the size that LGF used to be, ranking the fight against American Christianity at the top is not a decision made by a wise (or sane?) person.

        You seem lucid, and pretty bright. Since you’re a friend, maybe you can shed some light on what happened in that guy’s life because from a distance it looks like he got off his meds and is going the route of John Nash.

        In response to another comment. See in context »
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    The only people who comment on your blog are haters, Barrett. I felt compelled as a non-hater to say something.

    I’ve been reading, and commenting, on LGF for about four months now and you are absolutely correct, CJ gets attacked by the crazier elements of the anti-jihadist movement (which he helped create) just about every day. They don’t need much to start a good two minute hate, though he did hit that RCM bees nest pretty hard and pretty frequently for a while.

    And for what it’s worth CJ has definitely softened my heart to the plight of Isreal considerably. I don’t think I’d have given them the benefit of the doubt on the gaza surge if it weren’t for CJ. Their insistence on settling mounds of sandy dirt still baffles me, though.

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    Haha….just clicked on the link to your book. The joke is on me.

    At the end of you lives, you and Charles can look back and claim, of all the horrors in today’s world, you used your considerable talents and fought the good fight against American Christianity. Wow, you both must be so proud.

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