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Apr. 5 2010 - 7:34 am | 6,016 views | 0 recommendations | 4 comments

Wikileaks Press Conference; Mankind Decides His Future, One Eye Open; VIDEO, TRANSCRIPT NOW UP

Update 10:27 AM EST

Long story short for those just tuning in – an organization called Wikileaks held a press conference today in which they released a leaked U.S. military video that shows a particular incident from a couple of years back. The incident in question is a July 2007 Baghdad attack by Coalition forces in which twelve civilians, including two journalists for Reuters, were killed by Coalition forces, with someone in the chain of command reporting the victims to be “anti-Iraqi forces.” Regardless of the fallout, the real story remains Wikileaks itself, Iceland’s prospective status as an info haven, and the intelligence community’s unfortunate passion for secrecy. Please read the below and consider joining Project PM as a member of our legislative network.

More background to this is available by way of my recent interview with Antiwar.org radio’s Scott Horton, or, better yet, my written account of the aftermath from late last month. At any rate, familiarize yourself with this issue; there are a number of parties whose strategies hinge on your inattention.

Update 10:40 AM EST

The video apparently includes the following, per a journalist in attendance:

Wikileaks video offers view of casual banter of attack pilots when killing people: “sweet” “look at that bitch go” “nice missile.”

Update 12:19 PM EST

Here’s the video. Transcript may be found at the end of this post.

Update 1:27 PM EST

If this were some sort of war game to test the ability of our republic’s mainstream news outlets to pick up on a major story that happens to derive from an unconventional but demonstrably reliable source, those outlets would have all failed. Here; here’s Mediaite with coverage. All of the other editors and producers are either unaware of this story despite having been given several weeks notice, or they have yet to determine whether or not the cover-up of a Coalition strike on civilians which killed two Reuters journalists – coupled with the implications inherent to the manner in which this story developed in the first place – is as newsworthy as the untold amount of worthless crap they’re running with instead. Here’s a hint, guys – it is indeed a significant story. There are a number of important angles. People want to read about this, they want to see the video, and they want to learn about what Wikileaks is and why it matters. This is a news story.

Update 1:39 PM EST

Al-Jazeera was the only major news outlet of which I’m aware that was ready for this morning’s press conference and prepared to write it up; perhaps they wrote down “April 5th – extraordinarily newsworthy video to be released” on their calendar, which is an old journalism trick.

Though a little late to the game, several of the better news outlets – Think Progress, Common Dreams (with a piece written by Rachel Maddow, whom I recall was also on this when the U.S. intel operatives were harassing the Wikileaks admins), and The Daily Beast – all managed to cover the story by lunchtime. It’s too bad there isn’t some sort of Big Brothers/Big Sisters program whereby bloggers who know what the fuck they’re doing can take CNN and ABC and these other archaic things and be all like, “Look, here’s the internet. No, take Internet Explorer off your hard drive first. Now close all the programs that are actually open in the background even if they don’t look like they are. Hey, look: Google. Use that.” Unbelievable.

Update 2:04 PM EST

Reuters asked for this video two years ago. A nation-state kept it secret so that the truth would remain safely hidden from its own citizens. Wikileaks revealed this secret, and will continue to reveal more over time, because nation-states – or, rather, the various individuals and entities that make up such things – cannot be trusted with secrets.

Update 2:16 PM EST

If the last Wikileaks story from last month is any indication, a great number of mainstream outlets will finally cover this as soon as their editors and producers are done with the equivalent of waiting for someone else to cross the street against the lights when there are no cars around because it’s Easter morning or some shit. Last time, I and a reporter from Gawker were the only mainstream (or whatever) sources to run with this story as it happened. A couple of other blogs followed. A couple of days later, quite a few were running with it. There is a lag time of actual days between a certain sort of story occurring and it being picked up.

Update 2:36 PM EST

My fellow Huffington Post hanger-on Dan Froomkin, who’s one of the more talented of the nation’s commentators, is doing his part to get this story out, and with some additional background to boot. Froomkin, of course, was let go by The Washington Post despite his blatant superiority to the cartoon characters they’ve got filling in the op-ed page over there. Huffington Post picked him up immediately.

Also, my mom tells me that the networks are carrying the Tiger Woods interview right now. Almost makes you wonder why the Pentagon bothered keeping the fucking thing secret in the first place.

Update 5:06 PM EST

The BBC is now covering a story of great newsworthiness to the United States. Perhaps some outlet based in the United States will deign to consider running their own story on the subject.


Certain matters that end up in the history books by virtue of their significant effect on human society also tend not to receive adequate public attention at such time as the history in question is being made. There are legitimate reasons for this to be so:  it is easier to look back upon the truth than to figure it out as it happens, there being a lag between each day’s collected occurrences and one’s chance to learn of and evaluate them. But of course one may easily look back upon the months and years and identify some developing trend or other formless and dateless but nonetheless crucial matter; the extent to which man proceeds unthinkingly through an age of unprecedented potential for both good and ill is due in large part to the structural problems that exist within the media, itself the product of forces that do not . Such flaws are difficult to fix from within the outlets and institutions collectively making up what I’ll call the Corrupted/Corrupting Media until such time as I think up a less idiotic-sounding term, and they are caused  is due to the largely ubiquitous lack of impetus for any given individual working within the C/CM or whatever to act in such a way as to fix these flaws, even assuming that a given individual is aware of these flaws and is not a flaw himself. As such, there is a tendency for crucial stories to go largely unreported – and that itself is among the most important of these largely unreported stories, and the one most necessarily unlikely to get much play. A large problem fundamental to the majority of all others has effectively been taken off the table in terms of the national dialog, as it is often called, perhaps wrongly.

In our own era, two tendencies that have always been in play are working in opposition to each other during a particular point in history in which both have an unprecedented chance to largely decide which finally ends , and the result of this struggle will. One of these tendencies is that of the world’s various centers of power to attempt to perpetuate themselves by means of information in general and secrecy in particular. The other tendency is that of some number of individuals who may or may not be powerful themselves to gain as much information as they can about the nature of society, both broadly and in terms of specifics, and with an emphasis on centers of power and particularly those with which they interface. By way of example, some Chinese citizens would like to know more about the process by which they are governed as well as potential ways in which they could govern themselves in the future; most of those who govern them are opposed to such knowledge being available to the citizenry.

Much of the above is obvious to most every attentive and intelligent person. Rather it is the implications that often elude even highly intelligent people with above-average knowledge of the world and its workings. Those implications are indeed understood by, say, the U.S. intelligence community, a certain faction of which advocates a dramatic reworking of the internet in such a way as to render it useless as a means of communicating anonymously or privately, and without fear of monitoring by malevolent governments. Such changes as this faction seeks would put an end to the internet’s role as man’s greatest weapon against centers of power ranging from Beijing to Harare to Langley. We need not come to this conclusion merely by thought experiment or any such thing, as this faction has announced its intentions openly, most recently by way of former Clinton Administration NSA director and Bush Administration director of national intelligence Michael McConnell, who announced the nature of the game we’re now playing in a recent op-ed for The Washington Post. Due to the U.S.’s alleged losing battle with various unspecified cyber armies and the prospect of further such conflict in the future, wrote McConnell on February 28th of this year:

… we need to reengineer the Internet to make attribution, geolocation, intelligence analysis and impact assessment — who did it, from where, why and what was the result — more manageable. The technologies are already available from public and private sources and can be further developed if we have the will to build them into our systems and to work with our allies and trading partners so they will do the same.

McConnell also speaks approvingly of Secretary of State Clinton’s statement that “[i]n an Internet-connected world, an attack on one nation’s networks can be an attack on all,” while also holding out for stronger backing from the executive branch (and he has received it, on which more later):

That was a promising move, but it means little unless we back it up with practical policies and international legal agreements to define norms and identify consequences for destructive behavior in cyberspace.

Although McConnell’s statements and the conclusions we can draw from them have not been much discussed by those outlets with popular reach, they have seized the attention of those who advocate for privacy, information freedom, and action against statist regimes across the world, all of whom have good reason to be concerned. For one thing, McConnell’s stated intention of saving the U.S. from its losing position in an ongoing cyberwar is entirely made-up, as has been noted by various respected cybersecurity experts and even current White House director of cybersecurity Howard Schmidt, who flatly rejects the existence of any such cyberwar or any major U.S. defeat in such a made-up phenomenon:

There is no cyberwar. I think that is a terrible metaphor and I think that is a terrible concept. There are no winners in that environment.

Why would a major figure in the U.S. intelligence community assert the existence of a major threat that requires the U.S. intelligence community to be given major new powers over an unprecedented human institution? That’s rhetorical, by the way.

Among the various uses that entities ranging from the NSA to the Pentagon to the State Department could make of such of McConnell’s proposals as are actually adapted, the marginalization and rendering harmless of Wikileaks comes to mind. Over the past few years that organization has served a singularly crucial role in keeping humanity informed about the doings of its less conscientious institutions, such as when it acquired and published a procedures manual from Guantanamo Bay that described how the Red Cross was circumvented, among other things. At least one U.S. agency has concocted a plan to do just that, as was revealed by Wikileaks itself last month when it released a leaked copy of a SECRET/NOFORN Army Intelligence document describing the watchdog group at great length and proposing that leakers be identified and targeted for firings, prosecution, and other measures intended to discourage other leakers and eventually weaken Wikileaks by drying up its supply of those willing to risk involuntary mid-life reassessments in providing the organization with significant information.

Wikileaks has drawn negative attention from entities concerned with preventing the world’s citizens from learning the truth of certain matters; for the same reason, Wikileaks deserves far more attention that it has received thus far, as does the larger story of secrecy, power, information, and an American citizen’s desire and duty to know what is being done in his name.

Update 8:05 EST

Now would be a good time to note that I write for Skeptic and have a monthly column for The Skeptical Inquirer and am the author of a skeptical book which debunks a range of nonsensical things; either I am a solid skeptic, then, or I have managed to put one on over on tens of thousands of people who are notoriously difficult folks upon which to put one. Unfortunately, there is a logical fallacy in existence that equates mention of intelligence agencies doing something interesting with craziness, this being due to the fact that some instances of actual craziness involve intelligence agencies in the role of leading man, or sometimes alien. Anyone who dismisses out of hand evidence that U.S. intelligence agencies still do some of the things that they now brag about having done not too long ago is not a skeptic, but a fool.

When I first wrote about Wikileaks last month, several of its staff members were being subjected to aggressive surveillance by U.S. officials under State Department cover, at least two of whom appear to have been following a Wikileaks editor during his departure from Iceland. Iceland has recently become the focus of the two opposing factions insomuch as that there exists proposed legislation which would make that republic a haven for information deemed illegal elsewhere, be it China or the U.S. – and the people at Wikileaks are helping to formulate the proposal. If this is accomplished, it will be a massive setback for the respective intelligence agencies of nations across the globe, not to mention the governments on behalf of which they operate as well as any number of non-government entities including banks, multinationals, and religious institutions. There is quite a bit at stake as of now; luckily for the enemy, few people have any idea what that might be.

Update 9:28 AM EST

A contact just sent me a link to this, which, by virtue of timing and content, could perhaps be the incident to which Wikileaks has been referring. I’ll see what can be found elsewhere and hopefully provide a keener assessment very soon.

Update 10:06 AM EST

Well, here’s a picture of the press conference. It would be nifty if this picture were to be accompanied by actual information, but… it’s not. Hopefully something substantial will make it in my direction soon.

Update 10:13 AM EST

Twitter appears to be having difficulties, which is a shame insomuch as that it is the Wikileaks editors’ favored means of communication. But another just-released photo of the conference gives an indication that the MSNBC story linked to above is something different from the video that’s just been made public; take a look at this pic of editor Julian Assange in front of a captioned scene of a building from the air.

Update 10:20 AM EST

Insomuch as that the date of the incident seems to be pegged at July 2007 now, this is definitely something other than the other breaking story involving a pre-dawn raid that killed several female civilians and which was admitted to this morning in what appears to be strange timing, barring any particular reason why such an admission would happened to have been made on an Easter evening before a press conference on a similar sort of incident by an organization to which the Pentagon is actively opposed and seeks to marginalize. It is indeed possible that the timing was predicated on something of which I’m not aware.

Update 10:27 AM EST

The incident involved is now said to be a July 2007 street fight in which twelve civilians, including two journalists for Reuters, were killed by Coalition forces, who then allowed the impression that the civilians were perhaps killed by militants.

Update 11:18 AM EST

The video has been made available. I’ll return with additional updates after I review it in its entirety.

Update 12:21 PM EST

To follow is the transcript of the video released by Wikileaks of the July 2007 killing of civilians and two Reuters journalists, whom were later declared to be insurgents. The incident was covered up at some as-of-yet-unspecified point in the chain of command.

Okay I got it.

00:05 Last conversation Hotel Two-Six.

00:09 Roger Hotel Two-Six [Apache helicopter 1], uh, [this is] Victor Charlie Alpha. Look, do you want your Hotel Two-Two two el-

00:14 I got a black vehicle under target. It’s arriving right to the north of the mosque.

00:17 Yeah, I would like that. Over.

00:21 Moving south by the mosque dome. Down that road.

00:27 Okay we got a target fifteen coming at you. It’s a guy with a weapon.

00:32 Roger [acknowledged].

00:39 There’s a…

00:42 There’s about, ah, four or five…

00:44 Bushmaster Six [ground control] copy [i hear you] One-Six.

00:48 …this location and there’s more that keep walking by and one of them has a weapon.

00:52 Roger received target fifteen.

00:55 K.

00:57 See all those people standing down there.

01:06 Stay firm. And open the courtyard.

01:09 Yeah roger. I just estimate there’s probably about twenty of them.

01:13 There’s one, yeah.

01:15 Oh yeah.

01:18 I don’t know if that’s a…

01:19 Hey Bushmaster element [ground forces control], copy on the one-six.

01:21 Thats a weapon.

01:22 Yeah.

01:23 Hotel Two-Six; Crazy Horse One-Eight [second Apache helicopter].

01:29 Copy on the one-six, Bushmaster Six-Romeo. Roger.

01:32 Fucking prick.

01:33 Hotel Two-Six this is Crazy Horse One-Eight [communication between chopper 1 and chopper 2]. Have individuals with weapons.

01:41 Yup. He’s got a weapon too.

01:43 Hotel Two-Six; Crazy Horse One-Eight. Have five to six individuals with AK47s [automatic rifles]. Request permission to engage [shoot].

01:51 Roger that. Uh, we have no personnel east of our position. So, uh, you are free to engage. Over.

02:00 All right, we’ll be engaging.

02:02 Roger, go ahead.

02:03 I’m gonna… I cant get ‘em now because they’re behind that building.

02:09 Um, hey Bushmaster element…

02:10 Is that an RPG [Rocket Propelled Grenade]?

02:11 All right, we got a guy with an RPG.

02:13 I’m gonna fire.

02:14 Okay.

02:15 No hold on. Lets come around. Behind buildings right now from our point of view. … Okay, we’re gonna come around.

02:19 Hotel Two-Six; have eyes on individual with RPG. Getting ready to fire. We won’t…

02:23 Yeah, we had a guy shoot—and now he’s behind the building.

02:26 God damn it.

02:28 Uh, negative, he was, uh, right in front of the Brad [Bradley Fighting Vehicle; an tracked Armored Personal Carrier that looks like a tank]. Uh, ’bout, there, one o’clock. [direction/orientation]

02:34 Haven’t seen anything since then.

02:36 Just fuckin’, once you get on ‘em just open ‘em up.

02:38 All right.

02:40 I see your element, uh, got about four Humvees [Armored cars], uh, out along…

02:43 You’re clear.

02:44 All right, firing.

02:47 Let me know when you’ve got them.

02:49 Lets shoot.

02:50 Light ‘em all up.

02:52 Come on, fire!

02:57 Keep shoot, keep shoot. [keep shooting]

02:59 keep shoot.

03:02 keep shoot.

03:05 Hotel.. Bushmaster Two-Six, Bushmaster Two-Six, we need to move, time now!

03:10 All right, we just engaged all eight individuals.

03:12 Yeah, we see two birds [helicopters] and we’re still fire [not firing].

03:14 Roger.

03:15 I got ‘em.

03:16 Two-six, this is Two-Six, we’re mobile.

03:19 Oops, I’m sorry what was going on?

03:20 God damn it, Kyle.

03:23 All right, hahaha, I hit [shot] ‘em…

03:28 Uh, you’re clear.

03:30 All right, I’m just trying to find targets again.

03:38 Bushmaster Six, this is Bushmaster Two-Six.

03:40 Got a bunch of bodies layin’ there.

03:42 All right, we got about, uh, eight individuals.

03:46 Yeah, we got one guy crawling around down there, but, uh, you know, we got, definitely got something.

03:51 We’re shooting some more.

03:52 Roger.

03:56 Hey, you shoot, I’ll talk.

03:57 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

04:01 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Hotel Two-Six. Over.

04:03 Roger. Currently engaging [fighting/shooting at] approximately eight individuals, uh KIA [Killed In Action], uh RPGs, and AK-47s.

04:12 Hotel Two-Six, you need to move to that location once Crazyhorse is done and get pictures. Over.

04:20 Six beacon gaia.

04:24 Sergeant Twenty is the location.

04:28 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

04:31 Oh, yeah, look at those dead bastards.

04:36 Nice.

04:37 Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

04:44 Nice.

04:47 Good shoot.

04:48 Thank you.

04:53 Hotel Two-Six.

04:55 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

05:03 Crazyhorse One-Eight; Bushmaster Seven. Go ahead.

05:06 Bushmaster Seven; Crazyhorse One-Eight. Uh, location of bodies, Mike Bravo five-four-five-eight eight-six-one-seven [military map grid reference].

05:15 Hey, good on the uh…

05:17 Five-four-five-eight eight-six-one-seven [map grid reference]. Over.

05:21 This is Crazyhorse One-Eight, that’s a good copy. They’re on a street in front of an open, uh, courtyard with a bunch of blue uh trucks, bunch of vehicles in the courtyard.

05:30 There’s one guy moving down there but he’s uh, he’s wounded.

05:35 All right, we’ll let ‘em know so they can hurry up and get over here.

05:40 One-Eight, we also have one individual, uh, appears to be wounded trying to crawl away.

05:49 Roger, we’re gonna move down there.

05:51 Roger, we’ll cease fire.

05:54 Yeah, we won’t shoot anymore.

06:01 He’s getting up.

06:02 Maybe he has a weapon down in his hand?

06:04 No, I haven’t seen one yet.

06:07 I see you guys got that guy crawling right now on that curb.

06:08 Yeah, I got him. I put two rounds [30mm cannon shells] near him, and you guys were shooting over there too, so uh we’ll see.

06:14 Yeah, roger that.

06:16 Bushmaster Thirty-Six Element; this is uh Hotel Two-Seven over.

06:21 Hotel Two-Seven; Bushmaster Seven go ahead.

06:24 Roger I’m just trying to make sure you guys have my turf [area], over.

06:31 Roger we got your turf.

06:33 Come on, buddy.

06:38 All you gotta do is pick up a weapon.

06:44 Crazyhorse this is Bushmaster Five, Bushmaster Four break. We are right below you right time now can you walk us onto that location over.

06:54 This is Two-Six roger. I’ll pop flares [drop flares]. We also have one individual moving. We’re looking for weapons. If we see a weapon, we’re gonna engage.

07:07 Yeah Bushmaster, we have a van that’s approaching and picking up the bodies.

07:14 Where’s that van at?

07:15 Right down there by the bodies.

07:16 Okay, yeah.

07:18 Bushmaster; Crazyhorse. We have individuals going to the scene, looks like possibly uh picking up bodies and weapons.

07:25 Let me engage.

07:28 Can I shoot?

07:31 Roger. Break. Uh Crazyhorse One-Eight request permission to uh engage.

07:36 Picking up the wounded?

07:38 Yeah, we’re trying to get permission to engage.

07:41 Come on, let us shoot!

07:44 Bushmaster; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

07:49 They’re taking him.

07:51 Bushmaster; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

07:56 This is Bushmaster Seven, go ahead.

07:59 Roger. We have a black SUV-uh Bongo truck [van] picking up the bodies. Request permission to engage.

08:02 Fuck.

08:06 This is Bushmaster Seven, roger. This is Bushmaster Seven, roger. Engage.

08:12 One-Eight, engage.

08:12 Clear.

08:13 Come on!

08:17 Clear.

08:20 Clear.

08:21 We’re engaging.

08:26 Coming around. Clear.

08:27 Roger. Trying to uh…

08:32 Clear.

08:35 I hear ‘em co.. I lost ‘em in the dust.

08:36 I got ‘em.

08:41 I’m firing.

08:42 This is Bushmaster Forty got any BDA [Battle Damage Assessment] on that truck. Over.

08:44 You’re clear.

08:47 This is ah Crazyhorse. Stand by.

08:47 I can’t shoot for some reason.

08:49 Go ahead.

08:50 I think the van’s disabled.

08:53 Go ahead and shoot it.

08:54 I got an azimuth limit for some reason [gunner moved gunsight too far]

09:00 Go left.

09:03 Clear left.

09:15 All right, Bushmaster Crazyhorse One-Eight.

09:20 A vehicle appears to be disabled.

09:22 There were approximately four to five individuals in vehicle moving bodies.

09:28 Your lead Bradley should take the next right.

09:31 That’s cruising east down the road.

09:34 No more shooting.

09:38 Crazyhorse; this is Bushmaster Four. We’re moving a dismounted element [troops] straight south through the Bradleys [tanks].

09:44 I have your Elem- uh, Bradley element turning south down the road where the engagements were.

09:53 Last call on station’s uh Bradley element say again.

09:56 Roger this is Crazyhorse.

09:58 Your lead Bradley just turned south down the road where all the engagements [shooting] happened.

10:03 Should have a van in the middle of the road with about twelve to fifteen bodies.

10:11 Oh yeah, look at that. Right through the windshield!

10:14 Ha ha!

10:16 All right. There were uh approximately four to five individuals in that truck, so I’m counting about twelve to fifteen.

10:24 I would say that’s a fairly accurate assessment so far.

10:27 Roger that.

10:29 I want to just be advised Six, Bushmaster Six are getting mounted up right now.

10:35 Okay, roger. Hey, we can’t flex down that road towards that, uh, where Crazyhorse engaged.

10:43 So, uh, I don’t know if you want us to do so or stay put. Over.

10:46 Why can’t they go down there?

10:56 I think we whacked [killed] ‘em all.

10:58 That’s right, good.

10:59 This is Hotel Two-Six.

11:03 Hey you got my dismounted element [troops] right there over to your left.

11:06 Roger, I see ‘em.

11:11 Hey yeah, roger, be advised, there were some guys popping out with AKs behind that dirt pile break.

11:19 We also took some RPGs off, uh, earlier, so just uh make sure your men keep your eyes open.

11:26 Roger.

11:27 And, uh, Bushmaster ahead are, uh, Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

11:33 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Hotel Two-Six.

11:35 Yeah Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

11:37 Uh, location I have about twelve to fifteen dead bodies.

11:42 Uh, where else are we taking fire from?

11:48 Currently we’re not being engaged, ah, but just south of that location. Break.

11:55 You should see dismounted elements with Humvees [armored cars] moving to the east, over.

12:01 This is Crazyhorse One-Eight; we have elements in sight.

12:05 Bushmaster Three-Six.

12:07 I’m gonna get down a little lower.

12:09 All right.

12:10 I’m gonna come down a little lower and take a quick gander.

12:13 Roger that.

12:14 Six; this is four. We’re headed to the area where Crazyhorse engaged.

12:26 Bushmaster Six; this is Hotel Two-Six.

12:28 Request to go to the south to our original BP so if you flushed them to the south we will be there to uh intercept over.

12:39 Hey this is Bushmaster Seven; we’re coming up on B… on the ass end of the Brads [tanks].

12:54 Hey uh, Bushmaster Element; this is Copperhead One-Six break.

13:00 We’re moving in the vicinity of the engagement area and looks like we’ve got some slight movement from ah, the ah van that was engaged.

13:06 Looks like a kid. Over.

13:11 This is Bushmaster Seven, roger. Uh, we’re about a hundred meters behind you.

13:16 Got that big pile, to the right?

13:18 Roger, you gonna pull in here? Do you want me to push stuff so you can, uh, get clear of it?

13:21 Right on the corner?

13:22 What’s that?

13:23 Got that big pile of bodies to the right, on the corner?

13:24 Yeah, right here.

13:25 We got a dismounted infantry and vehicles, over.

13:30 Again, roger.

13:31 And clear.

13:48 There’s the Bradley right there.

13:51 Got ‘em.

14:00 Hotel two-six; are you uh at this grid over?

14:05 Yeah I wanted to get you around so didn’t you just get that one dude to scare them all away. It worked out pretty good.

14:11 I didn’t want those fuckers to run away and scatter.

14:12 Yeah.

14:15 Bushmaster Six; Hotel Two-Six. Roger, we linked up with our two element they are all mounted up in our trucks break.

14:23 We moved south so that we could ah possibly intercept personnel being flushed south. So we are vicinity Fifth Street.

14:30 And ah please line Gadins. Over.

14:37 Bring the trucks in, cordon this area off.

14:39 Can we move the Bradley forward so we can bring trucks in and cordon off this area.

14:44 If the Bradleys could take the south cordon, that could help out a lot.

14:53 Bushmaster or element. Which Element called in Crazyhorse to engage the eight-elem- eight-men team on top of a roof.

15:02 Bushmaster Six; this is Hotel Two-Six. Uh, I believe that was me.

15:07 They uh had AK-47s and were to our east, so, where we were taking small arms fire. Over.

15:20 Hotel Crazyhorse One-Eight.

15:26 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Hotel Two-Six.

15:28 Yeah Two-Six. One-Eight I just also wanted to make sure you knew that we had a guy with an RPG cropping round the corner getting ready to fire on your location.

15:36 That’s why we ah, requested permission to engage.

15:40 Ok, roger that. Tango mike.

15:46 Hotel Two-Six; do you understand me, over?

15:51 I did not copy last, uh, you got stepped on. Say again please?

16:00 They cordoned off the building that the helicopters killed the personnel on.

16:04 Don’t go anywhere else we need to cordon off that building so we can get on top of the roof and SSC the building. Over.

16:13 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

16:16 This is Hotel Two-Six.

16:19 Hey, whoever was talking about rooftops, know that all the personnel we engaged were ground level. I say again ground level.

16:27 Roger I copy ground level. Over.

16:30 One-Eight roger.

16:33 Can I get a grid to that one more time please?

16:36 Target twenty.

16:36 Roger.

16:40 You want me to take over talking to them?

16:42 S’alright.

16:46 Seven-Six Romeo Over.

16:49 Roger, I’ve got uh eleven Iraqi KIAs [Killed In Action]. One small child wounded. Over.

16:57 Roger. Ah damn. Oh well.

17:04 Roger, we need, we need a uh to evac [evacuate] this child. Ah, she’s got a uh, she’s got a wound to the belly.

17:10 I can’t do anything here. She needs to get evaced. Over.

17:18 Bushmaster Seven, Bushmaster Seven; this is Bushmaster Six Romeo.

17:20 We need your location over.

17:25 Roger, we’re at the location where Crazyhorse engaged the RPG fire break.

17:37 Grid five-four-five-eight.

17:46 Well it’s their fault for bringing their kids into a battle.

17:48 That’s right.

17:56 Got uh, eleven.

18:01 Yeah uh, roger. We’re monitoring [observing].

18:02 Sorry.

18:04 No problem.

18:07 Correction eight-six-one-six.

18:16 Looking for more individuals-south.

18:18 Bushmaster Six-Bushmaster Seven.

18:29 I think they just drove over a body.

18:31 Hey hey!

18:32 Yeah!

18:37 Maybe it was just a visual illusion, but it looked like it.

18:41 Well, they’re dead, so.

18:44 Bushmaster Six; Hotel Two-Six over.

18:56 Six; this is Four. I got one individual looks like he’s got an RPG round laying underneath him. Break.

19:05 Probably like to get…

19:10 Look at that.

19:12 Bushmaster Six; Hotel Two-Six over.

19:29 Bushmaster Six; Romeo Hotel Two-Six over.

19:44 Bushmaster Six; Hotel Two-Six over.

19:56 Hotel Two-Six; Bushmaster Seven colocated with Six.

20:08 Hotel Two-Six; Bushmaster Seven.

20:10 Bushmaster Seven; Hotel Two-Six over.

20:14 Roger, we got a little girl who needs to be evaced. What’s your location over?

20:22 On route Gadins, I am all the way to the south. So I am Gadins and Fifth Street.

20:28 I say again Gadins and Fifth Street, over.

20:40 Bushmaster Seven; Hotel Two-Six. Do you want us to push to your location?

20:55 Hey, uh, I need to get the Brads to drop rads I got a wounded little girl we need to take her off the maya.

21:04 Bushmaster Seven; Hotel Two-Six. Do you want us to move to your location over?

21:30 Bushmaster Six; Hotel Two-Six over.

21:34 Hotel Two-Six; this is Bushmaster Seven. Roger, come to our location.

21:39 Okay, roger, we’re coming up north on Gadins and then we will push east to your location.

22:06 Bushmaster elements be advised we have friendlies coming from the south to your location. Over.

22:13 All right, got ‘em moving up from the south.

22:35 Bushmaster elements be advised we are coming up from the east.

23:49 Hey One-Two; follow me over. I’m going to try and get out of here as quickly as possible.

24:10 You guys all right back there?

24:13 Yeah, we’re with you.

24:35 Lotta guys down there.

24:37 Oh yeah.

24:37 Came out of the woodwork.

24:38 This is Operation, ah, Operation Secure.

25:16 Yeah we have fifty rounds left.

25:17 Yep.

25:19 Two-Six; Six Romeo over.

25:21 Two-Six; Romeo over.

25:23 Hey roger, what’s your current location over?

25:47 Six; speak it’s Romeo.

25:50 Three-Six Romeo; Six Romeo over.

25:52 Roger, at the six once it’s back on this guy.

25:56 Lost him.

26:00 What’s he got for us?

26:01 Stand by.

26:06 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

26:21 Hey, did you got action on that target yet over?

26:25 Speak to Charlie roger.

26:32 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

26:55 Bushmaster Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

26:59 Roger, you have traffic over.

27:02 Roger. Uh, just wondering if you had anything else you wanted us to drive on?

27:08 Yeah roger keep on, ah, for the time being over.

27:11 Six calls Six Romeo. Can you tell battalion that two civilian children casualties are coming back to SMI in the Bradley over.

27:26 Six calls Six Romeo.

27:29 Bushmaster Six Copper White Six.

27:32 Copperhead White Six; this is Bushmaster Six Romeo over.

27:36 Roger, that’s a negative on the evac of the two, ah, civilian, ah, kids to, ah, rusty they’re going to have the IPs [Iraqi Police] link up. They can put us over here. Break. IPs will take them up to a local hospital over.

27:50 Copy over.

27:54 One six oh.

28:08 … they’re all going to.

28:10 Say again?

28:12 Where all those dismounts [infantry] are going to?

28:18 Going into this hous-. Sorry

29:29 Three Six, Three Six; Bushmaster Six Romeo over.

29:37 Six Romeo, Six Romeo.

29:39 Roger, Bushmaster Seven wants an up on all personnel in your battalion over.

29:44 Roger.

30:08 …friendlies [US troops] on the roof.

30:10 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Bushmaster Four over.

30:12 Bushmaster Four; this is Crazyhorse One-Eight.

30:15 Roger, I can ah hear small arms fire from your engagement area at two zero zero zero ah about three hundred meters from that objective over.

30:27 Crazyhorse; from what I understand small arms fire at two zero zero zero degrees about two hundred meters.

30:39 Just to the southwest.

30:41 Yup.

30:49 Right about where we engaged.

30:51 Yeah, One of them with that RPG or whatever.

30:55 He’s got a weapon. Got an RK–AK 47.

30:58 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

31:02 Gonna lose him.

31:03 Crazyhorse One-Eight this is Hotel Two-Six over.

31:08 Roger, have another individual with a weapon.

31:10 Dammit, they’re in the same building.

31:12 Hey roger that, just make sure that ah, you’re firing from west to east over.

31:16 Just went in the building.

31:18 Crazyhorse Three and Four will be on their way.

31:21 The individual walked into the building previously past grid [map reference]. So there’s at least six individuals in that building with weapons.

31:30 We can put a missile in it.

31:31 If you’d like, ah, Crazyhorse One-Eight could put a missile in that building.

31:46 It’s a triangle building. Appears to be ah, abandoned.

31:51 Yeah, looks like it’s under construction, abandoned.

31:52 Appears to be abandoned, under construction.

31:56 Uh, like I said, six individuals walked in there from our previous engagement.

32:01 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Bushmaster Six Romeo. If you’ve PIDed [Positively IDentified] the individuals in the building with weapons, go ahead and engage the building over.

32:08 Crazyhorse One-Eight; will be coming up north to south engaging with Hellfire [missiles].

32:13 All right, I’m going to do manual.

32:17 All right, we’ve been cleared to engage with…

32:18 This is Bushmaster Six Romeo. Crazyhorse One Eight is going to be engaging north to south with Hellfire missiles over.

32:24 This is Hotel Two-Six. Roger.

32:26 All right, you ready?

32:27 No, I’m trying to get over to the November [target]. Trying to find the fucking…

32:33 This is Bushmaster Six. Has that RPG round been extended already or is it still live, over.

32:38 Looks live to me.

32:40 Let me know when you’re going to fire.

32:44 All right, I’m fucking having a brain fart. Where’s the man [manual] advancement?

32:48 You got one on the clutch on the bottom left on your left door.

32:54 Roger let me stand by.

32:57 Got it?

32:59 No.

33:03 All right.

33:09 Let me just put a kilo [Hellfire missile] in there.

33:12 Ok.

33:15 Got it?

33:21 Put a kilo in?

33:22 All right, let me get back.

33:26 I’m gonna come around, get some more distance.

33:27 Roger that, you’re clear.

33:33 Got more individuals in there.

33:36 You wanna hit from north to south or you wanna go from west to east? I don’t wanna fire with the friendlies [US forces] right there, you know.

33:41 Yeah, go north to south.

33:53 Right, come around, right.

33:56 I’m just gonna put one or two in, if they want any more.

34:09 Right.

34:12 Found the missile.

34:15 Roger, I’ll get you in this straight.

34:16 You’re clear.

34:17 I’m firing.

34:26 Target hit.

34:28 It was a missile.

34:29 Left.

34:32 You’re clear. I’m above you.

34:36 Crazyhorse One-Eight; was that explosion you engaging over?

34:38 Crazyhorse One Eight, roger. Engaging building with one hellfire.

34:46 Let’s come around and we’ll clear the smoke. We’ll fire one more.

34:50 Hey uh, we’re going to wait for the smoke to clear.

34:52 Yes Crazyhorse One Eight now. We’re going to put one more missile into the building.

34:57 Yeah, did it ah, go in the building? I see the wall knocked out of the way.

34:59 Yeah, it went in.

35:01 Bushmaster Six Romeo; this is Hotel Two-Six. Yeah roger, that was Crazyhorse engaging with one Hellfire over.

35:10 Yeah roger, I got a November [target] if you want.

35:12 Fire away.

35:13 You want us to fire?

35:18 You ready?

35:19 Yep.

35:20 Bushmaster Six Romeo. They are going to engage ah, with one more Hellfire in that building.

35:24 Uh shit, why I do I have AP flashing on there? [warning on helicopter display]

35:47 We’re not even going to watch this fucking shit?

35:49 Till next one. It won’t come around, I need a little more distance.

35:53 Still want me to shoot?

35:57 You guys, following hot.

35:59 Roger.

36:13 You are clear.

36:14 Roger.

36:16 You going to bring up the missile?

36:18 Roger.

36:19 And firing.

36:20 Come down? There you go.

36:23 Fire.

36:24 All right.

36:28 I’ve got, ah BACKSCATTER [warning on helicopter display].

36:30 All right, come around.

36:32 Roger.

36:34 Coming around left, backscatter.

36:49 Firing.

36:53 There it goes! Look at that bitch go!

36:56 Patoosh!

37:03 Ah, sweet.

37:07 Need a little more room.

37:09 Nice missile.

37:11 Does it look good?

37:12 Sweet!

37:16 Uh, you ready?

37:18 Roger.

37:30 There’s a lot of dust.

37:36 Crazyhorse One-Eight; this is Hotel Two-Six. Was there a BDA [Battle Damage Assessment]?

37:40 This is Crazyhorse One-Eight. Stand by, engaging with another Hellfire.

37:43 All right.

37:45 You’re clear.

37:47 Lemme know when I’m clear.

37:50 Roger that.

37:59 He wasn’t.

38:02 Hotel Two-Six; Crazyhorse One-Eight.

38:07 Crazyhorse One-Eight.

38:09 Roger, building destroyed. Engaged with three hellfire missiles.


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  1. collapse expand

    You had me at “…there are a number of parties whose strategies hinge on your inattention.” I don’t know what to make of 5,200 plus views and only one comment, but I’m hoping that you grabbed several thousand others by the lapels as well.

  2. collapse expand

    @ scheherezade

    “…there are a number of parties whose strategies hinge on your inattention.”

    Yeah, that line got my attention also. Barret can turn a phrase that expertly sums up alot of stuff, usually colored with a touch of wiseassism. I don’t understand the lack of comments either. Maybe everyone else knows that all of his communications are being monitored by the various intelligence agencies. lol

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