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Mar. 2 2010 - 5:52 pm | 132 views | 0 recommendations | 3 comments

Robert Stacy McCain: Those Shelbyville Kids are Always Eating Candy; They Love the Sweet Taste!

White supremacist commentator Robert Stacy McCain has a new piece up at American Spectatornot to be confused with American Renaissance, the pro-white organization for which McCain has written under a pseudonym in the past – in which he begins with the following:

Accusing opponents of dangerous insanity has become so commonplace in the Age of Obama that such discourse is now taken for granted.

McCain does not provide us with any evidence that accusations of insanity, dangerous or benign, have increased since Year Zero of the Golden Obamic Age (The Year of Our Lord 2008 by the outlawed reckoning of the Occupied Liberty Resistance Force Wolverine Squad of the 300, or “Old Republic” adherents clustered in what will soon become Territory Seven of the Global Caliphate). Rather, he provides us with anecdotal evidence to the effect that liberals have been known to call conservatives crazy. Well, no shit. Liberals also violate traffic laws and smoke crack. So do conservatives and independents and, of course, libertarians.

In McCain’s defense, he is not just arguing the obvious and true point that liberals sometimes call conservatives crazy; he also argues the not-at-all-obvious and totally unsupported assertion that this is some particular trait of liberalism relative to conservatism. Perhaps “defense” is the wrong word.

Longtime McCain adversary Charles Johnson retorts to McCain’s latest piece with a pretty solid counterpoint to the effect that McCain himself, like many of his conservative allies, has been calling Johnson crazy quite a bit:

Insults he has thrown at me include:

”Mad King Charles”

“Johnsonoid insanity”

“A fat, bloated beady eyed jerkoff”

“The Right-o-Sphere can never, ever again question the sanity of Charles Johnson or Andrew Sullivan.”

“Charles Johnson is a sociopath.”

On the other hand, all of these accusations of craziness have been leveled by McCain against the backdrop of the Age of Obama, which is presumably so persuasive in its supernatural degradation of the once-pristine national discourse that even Obama’s fiercest opponents are now resorting to the methods of our president’s ideological henchmen. So perhaps McCain has a point. When you stare into the abyss…

As Johnson also notes:

McCain has also accused people who argue against his smear campaign of “sucking Charles Johnson’s c*ck.”

Johnson is here referring to an incident in which McCain ascribed such a sexual practice to yours truly before he and I ever got around to directly speaking. Amusingly enough, he implied in the same message that people might be inclined to question my sanity insomuch as that I had left comments at a blog. Presumably, those people would all be liberals, as such a vice is unknown to their noble adversaries on the right.

By the way, Johnson has more fodder against McCain on this point than even he remembers; his archives indicate that, during McCain’s stint as editor of The Washington Times, McCain published a piece entitled “Insanity Factories,” which presumably depicts some or another group of institutions to which he is opposed as pumping out insane people. The piece in question was written by jailed neo-Nazi leader Bill White – a longtime associate of McCain’s, and just one of several firm links between this prolific correspondent for The American Spectator and the international white supremacist movement. Crazy, huh?


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    Intending no defense of McCain and no offense to Johnson, I want to point out that fat, bloated beady eyed jerkoff technically is not an accusation of craziness.

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