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Feb. 15 2010 - 8:58 am | 744 views | 2 recommendations | 5 comments

Kinder, gentler Cheney admits to war crimes

Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.

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While haunting the nation’s airwaves this past Sunday, Darth Vader dropped The Bomb: he supports repealing DADT.

“The society has moved on,” Cheney said. “It’s partly a generational question.”

Progressives and liberals — as you might expect — reacted like battered puppies. They poked their heads out from under the couch — quizzical, slightly trembling. Really? Are we buds now?

But just in case anyone was confused about who this man is, or where he stands on the great moral and legal issues of our time, Cheney also called his former boss (haha) soft on terrorism:

Former Vice President Dick Cheney says he disagreed with the Bush administration’s release of prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention center and with the decision to subject terrorists to criminal courts.

Cheney says he opposed the Bush administration decision to charge shoe bomber Richard Reid in criminal court rather than declare him an enemy combatant and hold him in military custody.

The Bush administration left office with historically low approval ratings (Bush’s final approving rating was 22 percent, Cheney’s was 13 percent,) amid scandal, including accusations of international war crimes, after establishing a legacy of authoritarian lunacy the public overwhelming rejected in two elections that first handed power to the Democrats in both the House and Senate, and then the presidency.

But nevermind. Cheney still has to have something relevant to say. And if he’s not available, let’s just throw his daughter onto the teevee. She must have something to say about something.

In recent months, Cheney’s approval rating has been clawing its way back into the “not-lynchable” realm. In May, 37 percent of Americans say they view him favorably. Of course, that’s still a minority, but that number will continue to climb the longer the media hands Cheney credibility in the form of non-fact-checked propaganda segments.

Here is a man who just admitted to his role in the torture conspiracy (Cheney said he is a “big supporter of waterboarding,”) and the Media Elites don’t bat an eyelash. The man admitted to a war crime, and yet Cheney is still nestled in their rolodexes of Serious Experts.

Furthermore, the media never paraded other Vice-Presidents onto the Sunday Morning Bobblehead Show in this fashion. I don’t remember Al Gore appearing time and time again on MTP to second guess every single Bush era decision. I certainly never saw Karenna, Kristin, or Sarah Gore give their two cents about national security to Tim Russert.

I agree with Atrios when he writes that it’s nice to see Maddow actually fact-check some of the wingnut crap spouted on the nation’s airwaves, but it’s wrong that the wingnut crap is given a platform in the first place.

The media seems to think it’s being objective when it allows a Congressman to refute the stimulus bill after taking cash from it (and never fact-checking him,) but it’s really just seating The Truth (Maddow) beside The Lie (Schock,) letting them fight it out, and then calling that journalism. It’s not. It’s irresponsible, confusing, and teaches the nation nothing.

As Molly Ivins once wrote:

[I]t’s of no help to either the readers or the truth to quote one side saying, ‘Cat,’ and the other side saying ‘Dog,’ while the truth is there’s an elephant crashing around out there in the bushes.

Pro-truth activists have to hope a Maddow is present in every single panel forum because the media certainly has no desire to fact-check its own guests. Heaven forbid the act of fact-checking offend any of their guests, who may — gulp! — refuse to come to the round table next week!

Publicly shamed ghosts like Cheney also have nothing to fear. Despite the public rejecting his Evilness Doctrine, Darth is still treated as a Serious Expert, and the longer the nation is exposed to him, and the less the media reminds the public of all the bad stuff he did, the quicker he will regain legitimacy and shape public policy from the shadows.


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    Thank you for the post with your deserved parise for Maddow. I watch her as much as possible and probably would not watch Meet The Press if she were not there. I was also suprised that the youger congressman was not more independent thinking as he repeated all the same GOP unsupported talking points.

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    Under Tim Russet’s leadership, “Meet the Press” was know for fact checking, with verified quotes and sometimes video. In a time when fact checking can be done in minutes there is no excuse for the dribble that comes out of the mouths of our leaders. These days the truth is not an elephant in the garden but a red eyed bellowing bull elephant raging and charging and creating havoc and destruction to our country. Something that is obvious to all of us in its path.

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