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Jan. 23 2010 - 10:18 am | 1,453 views | 1 recommendation | 4 comments

Republican prostitute enthusiast may win re-election bid

(Image from Wikipedia)

(Image from Wikipedia)

It looks like that great moralist of the south, David Vitter, could very well win his re-election bid according to the latest Rasmussen polls, which show Vitter holding an 18-point lead over his likeliest Democratic opponent, Congressman Charlie Melancon. (h/t Marc McDonald)

What’s so awesomely hilarious about this is that Vitter is still trumpeting “family values” as the foundation of his campaign. This is the same Vitter who suffered an epically embarrassing scandal when it was revealed the Senator enjoys being dressed in diapers by prostitutes. Vitter was so desperate to avoid public ridicule, including the attention of understandably quizzical reporters, that he rammed his car into a stop sign while trying to flee a press conference:

McDonald points out that while other hypocritical GOP politicians (Larry Craig and Mark Foley) have been forced from office, Vitter continues to hold his Senate seat. Interestingly, Craig and Foley were both caught in compromising positions involving males, which perhaps explains why they were forced out, while Vitter, the female-oriented Shamed One, was permitted to stay.

Mind you, this is the man who called on former President Clinton to resign over a blowjob, and proposed to amend the U.S. Constitution to ban same-sex marriage because he doesn’t believe in “radically redefining marriage,” which is the “most important social institution in human history.” But apparently, not so important that one can’t occasionally take a holiday from those sacred oaths to bang a few Ladies Of The Night.

Like McDonald says: No irony. No shame. This is pathological hypocrisy.

Normally, I see no reason to punish people for their extramarital affairs. That should be a private matter between spouses, and prostitutes certainly shouldn’t be punished for being sex workers. Unless a politician is doing something super illegal like using campaign contributions on prostitutes, I see this kind of fixation on sex scandals by the media as a waste of time and resources.

However, when a politician actively works to undermine the marriages of an entire sect of the American populace while masquerading as some kind of moral messiah as he simultaneously engages in his own brand of “deviant” behavior, voters really should be outraged.

Even the most stalwart anti-gay marriage voter has to see how insulting this all is. Vitter thought he was privileged enough to live this kind of double life where he publicly demanded constituents adhere to one kind of moral code, while he got to dally in his own private fetishes on the side.

Again, and again, and again these scandals have (and will continue) to become public. If voters are smart, they’ll take it as a sign that politicians are not their ethical superiors, and men like David Vitter should not be taken seriously when they spout venom about who can — and cannot — get married.


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    Well, what’s your point? By definition , a U.S. Senator is an idiot….they are all idiots and perverts…name one that isn’t?

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    Your naiveté is touching, if a bit forced. Where did you get the idea that anybody thinks politicians are ethically superior? I don’t know anybody who thinks that, dead white phallocrats included. Moreover there is nothing hypocritical about calling marriage the “most important social institution in human history” while engaging in unspeakable perversity with whores. Nothing could be more traditional. As you well know, monogamy is only required of the female. Marriage and whoring always have been and always will be symbiotic. The voters are not dupes in this instance. They are just more offended by queers than whores. This is quite reasonable. Whores and the pols that love them do not present a challenge to “Louisiana Values” as long as they are willing to continually be redeemed. They are. Queers who are not only not interested in being redeemed but want to openly flaunt their contempt for “Louisiana Values” are obviously anathema. Also anathema are New York Liberals who write about how stupid Louisiana voters are. But you aren’t really expecting any Louisiana shitkickers to read this and think “she’s got a point, maybe I’ll vote democrat next time.” No, what we are doing here is sneering at other peoples lack of enlightenment and feeling all warm and fuzzy because whatever our personal failings we at least are better than those dumbshits who vote for David Vitter. Jesus! the stupidity of those yokels! The whole state ought to be fucking gassed! That’s the only thing those animals understand.

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