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Jan. 10 2010 - 8:44 am | 706 views | 2 recommendations | 4 comments

Racist, sexist global warming denier may become editor of The Independent

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The Independent, a British, left-leaning newspaper, is set to receive a new editor.

(Caveat: Calling any newspaper “left-leaning” is a bit like calling filtered cigarettes “safer” than unfiltered smokes. They’ll still kill you. If “left-leaning” newspapers still rely on advertisers, and those advertisers are Big Business, then the paper will still harbor a business tilt. Whenever an article is written about major newspapers, it drives me nuts when their political bias is included in this way, since they should all be called “pro-Big Business” papers. End transmission.)

London Evening Standard owner, Alexander Lebedev’s, understood favorite is Rod Liddle, a former editor of BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, and a notorious racist and sexist global warming denier. Should Lebedev purchase The Independent in the next few weeks as sources claim he is ready to do, it appears Liddle is his number one candidate for heading the paper.

Here are some highlights from Liddle’s career:

Charlotte Gore explains why this is so far off the mark:

Even if you cheat and just focus on London, the overall number of crimes committed by whites is 53.1%. In fact, the only category of crime in which black people commit the most crimes is in robbery, for which they account for 58% in London. This, Rod, is not an overwhelming majority by any stretch of the imagination. Are you now going to qualify your claim further by limiting yourself to specific districts of London? By the way, as a curious aside, whites commit 63% of the burglaries..  Did you know that, Rod?

I’m wagering he did not know that, Charlotte.

  • Denies the evidence for Anthropogenic Global Warming Theory with the same-old tired falsehoods deniers always whip out when cornered and terrified
  • I love how the big global warming denier argument basically boils down to: “If I don’t understand how climate change works, it CAN’T be true! WHY’S IT SNOWING RIGHT NOW???///”

    • Prides himself on being a sexist asshole: “Radical feminism … has left us with a country full of single mothers on benefit, the Child Support Agency, millions of divorcees and rich lawyers.”

    This is the guy who may soon be responsible for The Independent’s content. As you can imagine, protest groups are already emerging online(I already joined the Facebook one).


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      It’s interesting how in the UK, climate change denial is all carried out by the media, and has no major political movement behind it (the Tories chide Labor for not making enough progress on greenhouse gas emission reduction, and even the BNP spins their anti-immigrant xenophobia as a way to fight climate change). It’s really just an almost purely media driven beast over there.

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