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Jul. 28 2009 - 1:56 pm | 80 views | 3 recommendations | 2 comments

Canada Is Trying to Kill Us

As we all know, the Canadian health care system is a socialist nightmare, an Orwellian bureaucratic labyrinth wherein every path leads inexorably to an early death. (Also known—by Muslims, communists, and economists!—as a government-funded single-payer universal public insurance system.) But we could ignore that cold, hard truth back when it was only Canadians falling victim to its traps. As long as their comedians and hockey stars made it out of the country alive, we didn’t need to concern ourselves with their barbaric practices.

Now, we’re told, the Democrats and Barack Obama want to bring that system here, to the US! Just because no one has proposed doing that doesn’t mean they don’t want to, and surely will, especially if Comrade Max “Uncle Joe” Baucus gets his way.

What does that mean for us?

Death. Just ask this woman, who was actually killed by socialist Canadian health care, except that she survived to star in an ad paid for by one of the many of the Koch family’s important grass-roots consumer advocacy groups.

Shona Holmes, this poor victim of the Canadian health care mess, was told she had a brain tumor, presumably during one of her free trips to the doctor. She was told it’d be months before she got her life-saving treatment. We assume the government penciled her in for treatment the day after she was to die, of her massive brain tumor, because that’s how socialism works.

So instead of waiting six months to see a specialist, Shona flew to the US and got world-class treatment. And now she is alive, yay! In fact, she flew to the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona, where it was determined that she had a rare benign cyst that would’ve eventually caused hormone and vision problems. And treating it cost her $100,000 (obviously, she was not insured). Now she is… suing the Canadian government to pay that bill. The free market… works…??

Thank god we live in the land of the free, where anyone, regardless of race, creed, or color, can fly to Arizona to receive the best medical care in the world, and then file a lawsuit against the government of Canada asking them to foot the bill.

But wait! There are also the tragic stories of the guy who was diagnosed with a problem after he left Canada, the guy whose soccer injury became permanent because of wait-lists, and the guy who was told to “live with the pain of a crippling hip injury!” If only they’d been American, and securely employed full-time with generous health care benefits and no preexisting conditions!

And here is American hero Sean Hannity breaking the news that this one Canadian emergency room has a lengthy wait time (4 hours) when you go in with a minor injury, when the clinics are closed. Beware, Americans—IT COULD HAPPEN HERE!


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    deleted account

    Hannity should definitely talk to Europeans who’ve lived with the nightmare of universal coverage since the 1960s and are dying in mass because of the horrible standard of care they get…

    Oh wait. Europeans actually live longer thanks in no small part to better health habits, and they have better access to basic care because their taxes prepay for most medical treatment they’ll receive, pre-existing conditions be damned.

    Also, in Canada, the wait for surgery to treat terminal conditions is usually a week at most, very comparable to what it is in the United States. And if the doctor thinks you need a new liver, there’s no insurance company to get in the way and say “nah… he’ll be fine according to our statistics for the next two years. it’s too expensive to give him a new one now.”

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    As a Canadian now residing in America, I can attest to the fact that my evil socialist brethren nearly killed me many a time. A Saturday afternoon in the emergency waiting room to be treated for food poisoning? Three entire days in a hospital bed before my free gallbladder surgery? Both could have been fatal. Thank god for the USA, where I can see my physiotherapist within a day, for one easy payment of $240.00 (she even takes cash, check or credit).

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