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Jul. 9 2009 - 4:38 pm | 1,562 views | 3 recommendations | 12 comments

Quack To the Stars: Dr. Soram Khalsa

He'll sell you the disease and the cure

He'll sell you the disease and the cure

Dr. Soram Singh Khalsa, MD, is an associate physician in the Division of Internal Medicine at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. But that is the boring bit. The fun bit is that after some residencies and internships at lame “Western medicine” hospitals, Dr. Soram Khalsa traveled East and became an expert in “complimentary,” holistic, and “naturopathic” medicines, whereupon he started a fancy Hollywood clinic and took on many celebrity clients with his ingenious blend of actual medicine and bullshit far-East mystical hoodoo. But the good news is, you don’t even have to be a celebrity anymore to throw your money at him! (Thanks, HuffPo!)

You might’ve read Dr. Khalsa (who “regularly shuttles between Eastern and Western methods of medicine to better our understanding”) advising his famous patient Britt Ekland on when it is “incorrect to use Eastern medicine.” (His answer: when you are actually sick, for realsies.)

You might’ve read about Dr. Khalsa, “Hollywood’s ultimate medicine man,” in W, where he explained that (believe it not) billionaires are totally stressed out, and many of them need a doctor who’s not afraid to tell them about the various vague environmental toxins that are making them feel so sluggish and worn out in ways we non-billionaires can only imagine. But don’t worry, Richie Rich, Dr. Khalsa has some herbs that’ll take care of it!

And, hah, most amusingly, you might’ve read, very briefly, about Dr. Khalsa’s clinic in Mark Ebner and Andrew Breitbart’s Hollywood, Interrupted. See, a lot of celebrities have Hepatitis C. And so, for a while, a Mr. Anthony Kiedis was directing them to the famed Khalsa Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills. At this exclusive (and pricey) boutique clinic, miracle workers prescribed expensive tonics of herbs, and Hep-C sufferers sought out the treatment of a “registered nurse” who offered experimental (and wholly ineffective) Ozone treatments. The registered nurse was not even a registered nurse, it turned out, and she doesn’t seem to work at the Khalsa clinic anymore.



So! Here is a real-life medical doctor embracing quackery with gusto. But enough about all that. Dr. Khalsa knows exactly what is wrong with you, no matter what is actually wrong with you: a vitamin D deficiency! Did you know that you almost certainly don’t have enough vitamin D and that is why you will get cancer and autism and asthma? It’s true! According to this wonderful book Dr. Khalsa just read, and wrote:

This understanding has fueled my passion about vitamin D and inspired me to write my book, The Vitamin D Revolution. In the hope of preventing unnecessary suffering and loss of life, I want to spread the word about the importance of taking this supplement every day. I recommend that all otherwise healthy adults take 2,000 IU of vitamin D daily.

But how do you know if you have a vitamin D deficiency? Dr. Khalsa knows of a cheap and reliable way to find out!

As part of my campaign to correct vitamin D deficiency, and in collaboration with Hay House publishing, I have released an easily affordable and attainable at-home vitamin D testing kit package.

Oh no, it sounds serious, you’re probably saying. How do I get a proper amount of vitamin D? Are there foods I can eat, or maybe Flintstones vitamin supplements I could take? Not so fast, chief. Those store-bought vitamin supplements could be anything. It’s best to get all your vitamins from a reputable source. And Dr. Khalsa knows a very reputable source!

Although the majority of the health food store vitamin D supplements are very reputable, there are still some companies out there that are not so reliable. A consumer often cannot tell the difference between the two, and for that reason I have worked closely with a supplement manufacturer that normally makes products only for physicians’ offices. Through our partnership, we have been able to make pharmaceutical quality vitamin D, with guaranteed potency, available at supermarket prices.

Thankfully, Dr. Khalsa promises to perform the public service of blogging about vitamin D at the Huffington Post indefinitely. And look, a happy customer already!


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    Kinda narrow in the approach, no?

    I live in Southern California. While I have never visited Dr. Kahlsa, I do know quite a few intelligent people who do and are pretty satisfied with the results. I also know some top doctors who hold Kahlsa in high regard.

    I can’t help but notice a few things about you.

    First, you appear to live in Brooklyn so I’m kind of doubting that anyone has put a gun to your head and threatened dire consequences unless you submitted to Dr. Kahlsa’s treatment. So, what are you so pissed off about? What do you care if someone else feels they benefit from his services?

    Secondly, if I’m not mistaken, the picture I see of you on your True/Slant page would appear to show you…smoking a cigarette? No doubt one of those eastern medical treatments. I mean, clearly you have a solid fix on what is good for us when it comes to our health and since no western doctor would suggest you smoke, I am left to assume the advice comes from one of those docs from the East that you refer to as “quacks.”

    You might want to lighten up a little on the slander (in one post you’ve managed to libel Khalsa, Cedars Sinai and insult “stars” whom you appear to hold in low regard because they’ve chosen to see Dr. Kahlsa) and visit the nearest CT machine to check out if you have any lung tissue left. Who knows? You might find yourself on a flight to L.A. to see Dr. Kahlsa when nobody else can help you.

    Finally, because you are obviously an intelligent judge of medical treatment, I was wondering what you suggest for my diabetes? Marlboros or Kools?

  2. collapse expand

    Mr. Ungar,
    You should not ever smoke, especially if you are taking nicorette.
    (Your profile: “What I’m Currently Addicted To…

    Expresso, Nicorette and ‘House’.”)

    If you insist, however, you might consider Mores, Facts, and Nows.

  3. collapse expand

    The moron who wrote this article, has obviously NO knowledge of, health/fitness/wellness! As a Natural health consultant/fitness trainer, and daily promoter of, Natural/Holistic health, I find even the, printing of such garbage, appalling! Eastern ways/Holistic, is far superior to Western business, you call medicine! The only time I recommend, utilization of Western ways, is in the most extreme, and life threatening situations, otherwise they are un-necessary, and un-warranted! As the Pres. of, Fountain of Youth, Fitness and Health, LLC, we promote only the, Natural/Eastern healing, and I dare anyone who, believes in Western medicine/pharmaceutics, to compare their health with mine, and I’m 50yrs old, and that is a current picture! http://x-rawpower.com

  4. collapse expand

    I was treated by Dr. Khalsa several years ago. He is an excellent physician, very thorough, and finally found out what was the matter with me, when other doctors could not. His care included sending me to best specialists in town. I have been to many doctors in LA, was ill for a very long time, and I cannot recommend Dr. Khalsa highly enough! His kindness and expertise is incomparable.Finally a correct diagnosis, all thanks to him!

  5. collapse expand

    Haha. Supposedly this article is the writer’s most popular post with a MOUNTAINOUS 1572 views, as of this comment. Zero tweets, and zero facebook shares. LOL! Another pile of clothes, pseudo-pundit with no credibility and negligible readership…82! LMAO! Can you imagine trying to think up content for 82 people worldwide.

    What does he care what this doctor does. He probably can’t even afford the most basic insurance plan.

    What’s the over/under on this guys salary being 10K annually. Great profile photo by the way. You look like a direct opposite of a winner in life.

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